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Meet the Team


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Deepika Goel: Founder,
Counseling Psychologist,
BWRT (Adv.) Practioner

Deepika has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. She specializes in Couple’s & Group therapy. She is trained in multiple modalities of psychological counseling & healing such as BWRT, Gestalt, Experiential, Systemic and Interpersonal approaches.

She has trained in BWRT with Terrence Watts.  BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy, a revolutionary and transformational approach. She is a Level 3 trained advanced practitioner. In her practice, Deepika primarily works with couples, parents & adult individuals for a wide range of emotional, psychological, and relational issues. She has the expertise to understand the causes of presented challenges leading to highly effective sessions and sustainable change.


Deepika enjoys teaching and works as an adjunct professor for students of Counseling Psychology. She is a highly skilled facilitator when it comes to teaching & conducting workshops. She is a trained clinical supervisor, runs a supervision / mentoring group for other practitioners. 

In her previous innings with corporate sector, she has worked in different roles including behavioural & life skill's trainings, content writing, coaching and mentoring for 12 years before embarking on her journey in to the world of human psychology & healing. Her corporate journey gave her the exposure and understanding of a diverse range of challenges across age-groups, cultures, gender, lifestyles and psycho-social patterns. The experience contributes to her multicultural understanding & high empathic skills.

She has her practice set up in Bangalore. She also offers Skype and Zoom sessions for clients across locations.

Consultant Therapist


Jalpa Bagadia: Counseling Psychologist, Consultant Therapist

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

                                                                                                                                                                  -Lao Tzu


For varied life situations related to work, relationships, and parenting, Jalpa, consultant therapist at Kahi-Ankahi offers psychotherapy and counselling to adolescents and adults. She provides counseling to clients suffering with mood and anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, relationship issues and many other problems.

She has extensive training and experience in the use of evidence-based therapies and uses the latest empirically supported research in her work. She specializes in cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and incorporates strategies from acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT). Her treatment approach encourages transparency, value-driven decision making, humour, self-compassion and acceptance. 

With Jalpa, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation to ensure creating a treatment plan that meets your individual goals and working together to gradually break down difficult tasks and situations into manageable steps.


Her framework is built on providing a non-judgmental environment to help people gain mastery and enjoy their lives better. Jalpa holds a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, with specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, from Sampurna Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, accredited academic partner of Martin Luther Christian University. 

She has her practice set up in Bangalore. She also offers Skype and Zoom sessions for clients across locations.

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