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Couple's Therapy & Workshops

Couple's Therapy and Workshops

Working with couples is one of our specializations and at KA we believe that a couple is a unit in a gamut of relational dynamics, that if empowered and supported can create a significant difference. The two most important areas that any unit of couple functions in are, them as a couple and them as parents. We at KA are dedicated to working in these two prime areas in modern-day context with an all-inclusive approach.


This unit has something special to it. With relationship dynamics and expectations changing at a pace faster than ever, there is a dire need to bring some contemporary, meaningful work into this area.


Over the past 20 years, the area of romantic relationships has evolved so much that many couples out there today are aware of these changing dynamics but struggle with the experience. It's new... it’s different... sometimes conflicting... sometimes overwhelming... and sometimes relieving...


We at KA, are committed to help couples figure out this concept of modern love and modern coupledom in present times by understanding themselves and their partner(s) better in relationships.

We help couples navigate sexuality, intimacy, desire, connection, individuality, interdependence, connection, separateness, self-love, love for the other, jealousy, praise, security & vulnerability in the modern-day context.

Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

A person happy and content in his / her personal life is also a focused and effective contributor at work. We all talk about and want to achieve a perfect, harmonious work-life balance, but we often don't know how.

With KA's corporate workshops you can present your employees the key to the HOW. 

We offer a wide range of workshops for corporates which are customizable

as per their needs. These workshops can be a part of your regular

employee engagement initiatives or one time events. All workshops

are highly interactive & practical.


Some of the topics include:

  • Relationship workshops - focused on personal, couple dynamics

  • Parenting workshops

  • Meditation & Mindfulness workshops

  • Empathic Communication for leaders

For bookings and other details, contact us below.

Parental Coaching and Workshops

Parenting Workshops/Counseling

"I was a wonderful parent before I had children."

"I was an expert on why everyone else was having problems with theirs. Then I had a child or children of my own."

Does this ring a bell? Bring a smile? Which is of amusement, helplessness, and tiredness? Are you thinking - oh, nothing helps! my children are different, these parenting workshops are for others!

You are at the right place then :)

And if you are wondering what you can do differently to make this journey of parenting less conflicting & easy for yourself and your child/children, then too you are the right place :)

Dr. Haim Ginott, a revolutionary in parenting once said "Love is not enough! Parents need skills!! They are on the fireline all the time, they need skills to raise kids!" There is no right or wrong way! But there could be better and fulfilling ways! There is no one fit for all, but it can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each family, and we are here to help you through this!!

We at KA, offer skill-based, hands-on parenting workshops which equip parents to handle day-to-day difficult situations and help them learn "how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk". To sum it up, become liberated parents who raise liberated children.

Our parenting workshops are for parents, individuals/couples wanting to be a parent(s) and those who want to dwell deeper into the universe of parenting.

Father and Children

Individual Therapy/Counseling

Psychology Patient

KA offers individual therapy and counseling services to individuals such as young adults,
middle aged and older adults. These services are provided for a wide range of emotional,
psychological & relational issues like anxiety, panic, depression, fears, grief, low self-
esteem, personal confidence, social phobia, anger issues, relationship issues and others.

Individual Therapy / Counseling
An All-Inclusive Approach

At KA our approach is inclusive. To us, a couple includes any two or more people in a relationship. This includes couples across all dynamics (married, unmarried, live-in, separated and together (SATs) & more), across all sexualities & sexual orientations.
This also includes people in relationships, out of relationships, wanting to understand relationships and  those wanting to understand themselves better in relationships.

An all-inclusive approach

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